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Good communications must bring about chance: Change in what and how journalists and influencers write about your company and products, change in the customers purchasing habits. We will bring your messages on their way, so that change can happen.


Successful PR is based on the right concept. We analyse the unique character of your brand and company and develop a communication strategy that will lead to visible and sustainable results.

Media Relations

We identify the communication channels that will help your company reach its communication targets. Besides the classic media we will identify the relevant influencers in the social networks. For us media realtion  means creating advantages for all parties involved: Your company and audience as well as journalits and influencers.

Text and research

We write and distribute press releases, white papers and case studies that will get the attention of your audience and communicate your message. Additionally we develop editorial concepts and write texts for marketing materials and online marketing tools like websites, newsletters and blogs.

Content marketing

Companys today have a wide range of possibilities to publish their own content. We will help you chose the best channel for your communication targets and write creative and convincing texts for corporate publications, websites and social media channels.

Story telling

Show your audience how your products and services can solve their problems: Charge your brand with emotions an establish your company as the perfect solution provider. We develop stories that lead to long-lasting fascination.


For companies that do PR work in an international context we translate English or Frensh press releases into German, as well as websites, blogs and marketing materials.

Picture: Sata Production/Shutterstock